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Hadrian Border directors; Andy and Shona Burrows hail from England and Scotland.

The Hadrian Border logo represents the fusion of Andy and Shona's expertese; their two home nation's 'symbols' (the purple thistle and the red rose) and the geographical area in which the brewery is located - Hadrian's Wall country close to the England Scotland border.

The logo usually sits alongside the strap-line "beer at it's best" which is synonymous with quality ingredients, traditional brewing expertese and the staff's love for real ale.

Tyneside Light Ale Clip


The colour used in our brand may vary according to it's use. We often use monochroming on beer mats, T-shirts or packaging.

The shape of the Hadrian Border 'flower' formed from the merging of the English rose and the Scottish thistle alway remains constant, as does the quality of our beer and the care that goes into its production.





Hadrian Border Brewery beer bottle packaging


Spot our brand on our:

  • Delivery van fleet
  • Beer clips & bottle labels
  • Glasses
  • Beer mats & bar towels
  • Packaging
  • Business cards & stationery
  • T-shirts & sweat tops
  • Company attire
  • Selected pub signs



Kings Manor Sign


At Hadrian Border we believe in working with our outlets to make life a little easier whilst raising our profile on the streets.

A good exmple of this is the Kings Manor, Newcastle, where we helped out with external signs for the premises.





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